Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Broken Lens

I've always had a love for photo's, art, and life. I spoke through my lens as if it had a voice of it's own. I never indeed took life for granted. All I ever wanted to do was to have life see me through my lens....
Kimberly Bonds
December 1, 1988- July 13, 2008
On July 13, 2008 Kimberly Faye Bonds dream of becoming a photo journalist was brought to a halt. She was shot & killed while outside talking to some friends at an apartment complex. A lens that was so full of life, suddenly broken. To this day there has been no leads nor any progress in the shooting death of this college student. I have seen the news countless times and all I have ever seen was people getting arrested for animal cruelty, cases going for months on the death of an animal. Even years. But, sometimes only days and weeks on in on the lives of innocent victims. We pray and continue that although 2 years have passed we will still try and become Kimberly's voice. Because the dead cannot cry out or speak for themselves. 

Unfortunately this is how the news reported this tragic event....

Los Angeles Times

Kimberly Bonds, 19, a young black woman, was shot at 13111 S. San Pedro St. in Athens Village about 4:15 p.m. Sunday, July 13. Homicide detectives from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department are investigating the shooting.

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